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Our Observations of 2021 So Far

It is now well and truly March 2021 but it feels like January 2021 was such a long time ago....
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Step Back on Salary to Change Direction

What are the reasons for considering what seems to be a counter-intuitive move? Let’s look at why individuals consider why...

New Year, New (Me)ntality – Set Goals, Not Resolutions

With the end of December coming up faster than one’s ability to even remember the new year resolutions we made...

Chasing Away 2020 Negativities with SKL Festivities

Despite how tumultuous and challenging 2020 has been, SKL has adapted well to the changes that this year has brought...

Conquering the Terrain of Virtual Interviews

2020. The year of COVID, lockdown and working from home. No doubt this will be a memorable year for all...
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Lockdown during COVID and the Impact on Actuarial Recruitment

Well here we are coming out the other end of over 12 weeks of working from home (WFH). As a...
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Working at Home during a Crisis; Useful Productivity Tips from the SKL Team

The current circumstances may have given many Australians their first experience of working prolonged, full time periods online from their...

Keep Calm and Carry On

As actuaries, we are lucky in these challenging times to be able to work remotely with most insurance companies having...

Stepping Up to Leadership: Looking for Opportunity in Disruption.

As we all come to terms with the size and impact of the COVID-19 crisis there is a great sense...
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SKL Yoga: where Head Stands and Head Hunting meet

"It's not about being good at something, it's about being good to yourself." Every Tuesday and Wednesday morning the SKL...
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