Sourcing the right candidate

Our high success rate with placing high quality appropriate actuarial candidates with our clients is indicative of our thorough candidate sourcing screening, and evaluation.

Taking a quality and comprehensive brief on the roles our clients wish to fill is our first step. We obtain not just the technical elements of the role but also the softer requirements in terms of team and cultural fit to suit the client from that meeting. This sets us apart from other recruitment agencies or talent acquisition teams as we are experts in bringing a human element into our search for the ideal candidate, instead of relying on computerised keyword screening of purely technical elements of the role.

A key element SKL brings to the recruitment of this niche candidate pool is our knowledge of the larger market forces at play at any particular time. For example, if there a shortage of one niche technical area which is resulting in a premium being placed on candidates with that skillset, we will advise the client accordingly.

If you wish to speak to one of our consultants regarding conducting an executive search for a role, please visit here.

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