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Just received a counteroffer? What should you do?

Got a counteroffer after telling your boss you're resigning? It's a big deal for your career, so take some time...
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Introducing SKL Asia and Cynthia Shen

Happy New Year! 2022 was an exciting year for SKL – we expanded SKL Actuarial and set up SKL Technology...
Linear, nonlinear pic


The above image is a lithography print by M.C Escher, called Relativity. This could be seen as the modern representation...

Salary Negotiating 101: Do your research!

What to do if your employer pushes back? You’ve prepared for the negotiations, presented your case and your manager declines...

Salary Negotiating 104: The Talk

Once you have come up with a new salary expectation, then comes the hard part – the negotiation. So how...
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Salary Negotiation 103: The bigger picture

When deciding on whether you want a raise or not, and by how much, it is important to factor in...
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Salary Negotiating 102: Consider the non-financial factors

Coming up with an estimate range of what you believe your work is worth in terms of salary can be...
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Salary Negotiating 101: Do your research!

Think you are not being paid adequately for the work you are doing? Not sure of what the market rate...

Summary of SKL’s 2021 and Actuarial Opportunities for 2022

Rebranding of SKL Following on from 2020’s year of big changes, SKL has rebranded in 2021. Away went the dark...
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Helpful Tips for being a Healthier Actuary

​​Now more than ever there seems to be an increased focus on health and wellbeing. As actuaries we know intellectually...
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