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Salary Negotiating 102: Consider the non-financial factors

Coming up with an estimate range of what you believe your work is worth in terms of salary can be a challenging task. After gathering data points from multiple sources, it is also important to take into account other factors as well such as culture, work/life balance, hours of work, value of mentoring and support and non-financial benefits of your current employer.

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Is the culture of your company one that is inviting, inclusive and makes you want to come into work?
How does the culture of your employer compare to other companies?
Culture is a very big influence on our happiness at work, so make sure to factor this in when negotiating.

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Alongside culture is work/life balance and how much overtime you are working in your current role. Are you given the flexibility to perform your job well? Are you able to perform your duties within hours that are not excessive? Consider whether your salary is matching the hours performed and whether a work/ life balance is a high or low priority on your list.

Mentoring and support from your employer can also be incredibly valuable. Consider whether non- financial benefits of working in your current role factor into the salary you are currently earning and whether you would be willing to negotiate greater flexibility, support or reduced hours if your employer does not agree to the salary increase you are after.

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