Think you are not being paid adequately for the work you are doing?
Not sure of what the market rate is and if you are matching up to that?

When researching prior to a salary negotiation, make sure you look at multiple sources of information to find a salary range that is suitable for your level of experience and the industry you are in. Talk to other people you have networked with in the industry in similar positions who may be able to provide some in-sights. View different salary surveys to obtain different data points, such as SKL’s salary surveys which are sent out yearly. Also keep in mind your current company’s performance.

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Ask yourself, is your company growing strongly or are they in a difficult patch? This will affect your employer’s ability to bump up your salary!
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Be careful when interpreting the different data points and jumping to conclusions on your current salary level and what it should be. Do the people you perceive to be earning more than you have the same qualifications and experience than you or are they lower/higher? What is the budget for the team you are currently working in? When observing data points and charts in salary surveys, be aware that the data can be interpreted in multiple ways.

Is the salary range you are looking at specifically for your industry or does it include multiple? Interpreting data carefully will ensure you come up with a viable salary range to match the work you are doing and your experience level.

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