Once you have come up with a new salary expectation, then comes the hard part – the negotiation.

So how do you approach the conversation?

The key to a negotiation is assertiveness, not aggression. Be assertive in laying out what you want and why you deserve it but do not go overboard in demanding a raise from your employer as this is likely to backfire. You need to approach the conversation with confidence in the value you bring to the company while also communicating with your employer in a professional manner. Prepare your manager for a balanced and open discussion, rather than charging in the door asking for an increase.

Let’s go back to the basics.

Think of the basics – how would you like to be approached on the subject if the situation was reversed? Have a clear view of the value you are adding to the company and why you deserve the raise and make sure you articulate this clearly. Outline some specific achievements you have recently accomplished at the company and how your work has attributed to your employer reaching their goals.

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