We are immersed in the actuarial profession, the markets in which they operate and understand the daily challenges and opportunities that actuaries face.

We are renowned for our subject matter expertise - we are regularly invited to keynote at actuarial conferences and forums. We also offer actuarial networking events so that you can 'talk shop' and expand your professional connections. Keep an eye out on this page, we hope to see you at our next event!


FSSC Retirement Income Products Conference 2017

Aliza Yau CA has attended the Retirement Income Products Conference   Retirement income products is an exciting area of policy...

Injury & Disability Schemes Seminar2017

​Jas Singh FIAA will be attending the Injury & Disability Shcemes Seminar.  The Injury & Disability Schemes Seminar is the...

SIRC 14th Singapore International Reinsurance Conference

Jas Singh FIAA attended the SIRC 14th Singapore International Reinsurance Conference between 31st of October to 2nd of November 2017.

FSC BT Political Series – The Hon Scott Morrison MP, Treasurer

The FSC BT Political series allows our members and the industry to hear from politicians about the key issues facing...

Data Analytics Seminar 2017

As the data analytics industry thrives, so does the hype around what data analytics can deliver. The 2017 Data Analytics...

GI Glimpse

As young professionals, it can be challenging to keep up with the latest developments in Australia’s constantly evolving general insurance...

Actuaries Summit

Jas Singh & Aliza Yau attended. Registration is now open for the 2017 Actuaries Summit, the Institute’s premier event being held at...

The IFoA Asia Insurance Conference 2017

Sara Lee attended the IFoA Asia Conference in May 2017. SKL Director Jenny Lyon was one of the speakers for...

Young Actuaries Conference

The role of actuaries is undergoing rapid change, are actuarial studies enough to adapt and thrive in the shifting landscape?  What other...
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