The speaker Dai Liu, who is a senior actuary at iCare has given a good summary on iCare in regards to its History, Vision & Purpose, Story and Actuarial Role.

Operator: iCare Regulator: SIRA

iCare’s Value: change the way people think about insurance & care

  • Protect
  • Insurance
  • Care

iCare’s Purpose:

  • Focused on people- human-centred design into process
  • Offer world-class customer experience
  • Promote safer workplaces
  • Share social values & goals
  • Efficient & effective operations

iCare’s stories:

“iCare measures themselves by the lives they change”

  • Back on track” program that helps young injured people to get back to normal life

  • “John Walsh centre for Rehabilitation Research”
  • Lung screen” track that goes around the workplaces and help employers to identify their workers’ health situations

iCare’s actuaries:

  • Financial sustainability & support business with insight
  • Actuarial professions have the duty to community
  • Internal team and external team to work in actuarial operations (such as pricing, asset management, reserving, valuation…etc.)
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