It is that time of year again (although none of us can really believe it), and many of us are starting to wind down and prepare for the Christmas break. For our last blog post of the year, the SKL team have collaborated to reflect on the year. As well as sharing a few insights into their own 2018 festive holiday plans and goals for 2019, it has been an opportunity to understand our colleagues better.

2018 has been a successful year for SKL, growing not only the number and reach of candidates and clients we have helped this year, but we welcomed 2 new people to the team in the first half of year; Aaliyah and Darcy. Working hard for our candidates and clients has always been of paramount importance for SKL, but we have also had social events during the year for the team to wind down and have some fun together. Office yoga has been one of the big hits for the year (continued from last year), and we will be having an additional session a week in 2019. John has especially fallen in love with it. Other events include team lunches, Putt Putt Golf at Holey Moley, and for Christmas, an afternoon and evening spent at Marco Polo, enjoying the sun, some food and drinks.

When asking around the office about their plans for Christmas, most people were at home, spending time with friends and family. However, Aaliyah and Jas are both spending their Christmas’ abroad (Aaliyah in Sri Lanka and Jas on a family cruise), and we are all feeling a little jealous of them for that.

Speaking of travel, when asked for their favourite holiday destination, these were some of the responses given;

Aliza: Ibiza or Spain

Darcy: Germany or Stockton beach up the coast

Jenny: Anywhere new or interesting, but am keen to re visit North Western Australia (specifically Dampier) where I lived for two years when I was 10

Nikki: There are too many to choose from! Some of the tops would have to be Turkey, United Kingdom, Italy or Japan.

Other questions that floated around the office included:

Favourite season of the year?

Spring (Nikki), Winter in Sydney (Jas), Summer in Sydney (Aaliyah)

Favourite Sport?

MMA (Aliza & Darcy), Golf (Jas) High quality sports e.g. cricket/Olympics/football (John)

Favourite Pastime?

Walking the dog (John & Aliza), Yoga and fitness (Jenny, Jas, Aliza, Nikki), Hitting up good food and wine destinations (Aaliyah)

Our wish for the future?

We all seem to think the world would be a better place if we could encourage increased self awareness, positivity, acceptance, calm, positivity and genuine connection between people. We probably also agree with John’s wish for Australia : Politicians who put Australia and the Australian people above self interest.

Our goals?

Our goals for 2019 focus on fitness, flexibility, meditation, feeling energetic and at least two of us are hoping to find a property to buy!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and healthy, successful 2019

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